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Application Notes

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    Application Notes

    - Antennas for Low Power. (pdf - 135KB)

    - Antenna Design Basics. (pdf - 761KB)

    - CMOS Circuits Basics. (pdf - 185KB)

    - CMOS Layout Design Optimization. (pdf - 106KB)

    - Digital Communications: Digital Modulation. (pdf - 548KB)

    - Digital Communication Filters. (pdf - 239KB)

    - Electrostatics Basics. (pdf -50KB)

    - Electrostatics Principles: Electric Field, Voltage, Ohm's Law (pdf - 70KB)

    - Electromagnetism and Inductance. (Word Document - 220KB)

    - Filters Basic Introduction. (pdf -399KB)

    - IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Basics. (pdf - 123KB)

    - Linear and Switching Voltage Regulator's Basics. (pdf - 145KB)

    - Linear Regulators: Theory of Operation. (pdf - 144KB)

    - Microprocessors: The PIC16F87x. (pdf - 472KB)

    - MOSFET Device Basics. (pdf - 378KB)

    - MOSFETS : An Introduction focusing on Power Mosfets. (pdf - 87KB)

    - Operational Amplifier Basics. (pdf -195KB)

    - Operational Amplifier Circuit Applications. (pdf -164KB)

    - Phase-Locked Loops (PLL's) for High Frequencies: Essentials (pdf. -69KB)

    - Power Supplies Fundamentals. (pdf - 121KB)

    - RS-232 Fundamentals. (pdf -75KB)

    - Transistor's History. (pdf - 486KB)

    - Transmission Lines and Waveguides Basics. (pdf. - 611KB)

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    - Dictionary of Acronyms : Acronyms

    - Electronics and Technology Acronyms: Technology Acronyms

    - Biotech's Life Science Dictionary : Biotech

    - Chemistry Dictionary (Terminology) : Chemistry

    - Computing Dictionary : Computer Science

    - Electronics Dictionary : Electronics

    - Keyword Map of the Internet: Kwmap

    - Lexicon and Thesaurus on the Web: L3xicon

    - Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conventions : Measures, Units and Conventions

    - Online Dictionary of Nanotechnology: Nanotechnology terminology

    - Internet Terms Dictionary : Netlingo

    - Units: Symbols and Prefixes. (IEEE) : Symbols and Prefixes

    - Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms : Webopedia

    - Other Dictionaries: Dictionary Directory

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    Reference Links

    - A Guide to Semiconductors - www.techlearner.com/Semiconductors.htm

    A guide to all different aspects of semiconductor technology.

    - Antennas Basics - www.electronics-tutorials.com/antennas/antenna-basics.htm

    Introduction to Antennas. Polarization, Impedance. Basic types of Antennas.

    - Basics of Electronics- www.citycom.gr/electronics/info/information.htm

    Electronic Components, Ohm's Law; Voltage, Current and Resistance; Series, Parallel and

    Combination Circuits, Schematic Symbols.

    - Basics of AC Electronics - www.sweethaven.com/acee/forms/coursemain.asp

    Excellent source for Basics of AC Electronics including AC Waveforms and AC circuits,

    some background of DC Electronics is also covered i.e: RC and RL circuits.

    - Basics of different Electronics Subjects - http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/g_knott/

    Basics of diverse Electronics subjects: Including Electromagnetism, Circuits, Filters,

    Digital Electronics, Components, Semiconductor Materials, Amplifiers and other subjects.

    Includes also an Intermediate Level.

    - Bluetooth Basics - www.howstuffworks.com/bluetooth.htm

    An article on the basics of Bluetooth technology by How Stuff Works.

    - DSP Guide - www.dspguide.com/pdfbook.htm

    The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing. An online book by Steven

    W. Smith. Fundamentals of DSP, Digital Filters and Applications.

    - Electronic Circuits and theory. - http://www.phys.ualberta.ca/~gingrich/phys...es/phys395.html

    Lecture Notes on Electronics subjects and circuits - AC and DC Circuits, Filter Circuits,

    Diode Circuits, Transistor Circuits, Op Amps, Digital Circuits, Oscillators, A/Ds and D/As,

    and Computer Circuits. (Brief but good Notes with corresponding circuits and graphs.)

    - EMI Protection - www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/1167

    Practical aspects of EMI protection.

    - ESD Prevention and Control - www.minicircuits.com/appnote/an40005.pdf

    A guide to prevention and control of Electro-static discharge.

    - Filters - www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/1795

    Analog Filter Design basics: An introduction.

    - Flip Chip Technology - www.smtinfo.net/Db/_Flip-Chip.html

    Excellent Reference links on Flip Chip Technology.

    - Magnetism - http://theory.uwinnipeg.ca/physics/mag

    Lecture Notes on The Magnetic Field, Magnetic Forces and Sources of Magnetic Fields.

    Physics Dept. at the University of Winnipeg, California.

    - Microprocessors - http://digital5.ece.tntech.edu/TechLinks/M...essor_links.htm

    Reference links to tutorials on Microprocessors, included are the Motorola 68000,

    the 8051 and the 8086 Microprocessors.

    - Nanotechnology - www.howstuffworks.com/nanotechnology.htm

    A simple Introduction to the Nanotech world by How Stuff Works, includes examples.

    - Op Amp Reference Book - http://focus.ti.com/lit/an/slod006b/slod006b.pdf

    A Book on Op Amp Design including every single aspect (on a pdf file).

    - PC Boards Basics - www.aracnet.com/~gpatrick/

    Basic useful information for designing PC Boards.

    - Physics Notes - http://theory.uwinnipeg.ca/physics

    Introductory Physics Lecture notes from the Physics Dept. at the University of Winnipeg(CA).

    Subjects: Physics of Motion, Electricity, Magnetism, Quantum Physics, Atomic Physics

    and Nuclear Physics. (brief, but clear)

    - Power Electronics Introduction - http://ece-www.colorado.edu/~ecen5797/cour...l/Ch1slides.pdf

    Course notes to an Intro to Power Electronics by Dragan Maksimovic at the

    University of Colorado.

    - Radar Basics - www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/8528/intro_e.html

    A good basic Introduction to the technology of radars.

    - Radio Electronics - www.radio-electronics.com

    Information on different aspects of radio electronics, and radio electronics components.

    - Satellite Basics - www.esatcom.net/Library-basic.htm

    Tutorial on Basic Satellite concepts, history and milestones, some installation guidelines.

    - Semiconductor Physics Guide - www.britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm

    A reference on Semiconductor Physics and lasers.

    - Smith Chart Basics - www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/742

    Using the Smith Chart for Impedance Matching.

    - Transformers - www.radioelectronicschool.com/reading/reading18.pdf

    Discussion on inner workings of a Transformer, how it is constructed and other aspects

    such as voltage ratio and impedance matching considerations.

    - Transmission Line Terminations Simulation - www.williamson-labs.com/xmission.htm

    Simulates the effect that different Transmission line terminations have on the input signals.

    Includes a matched Transmission line (load resistance = Zo), Zl > Zo and Zl < Zo.

    - Transmission Line Guide - www.tmeg.com/tutorials/t_lines/t_lines.htm

    Quick reference guide for some of the essentials of Transmission Line Theory.

    - VLSI Systems Design - http://vlsi.wpi.edu/webcourse/toc.html

    CMOS VLSI Design covering all different aspects. Applications in Multimedia and


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    - A-Z Top Electronics/Electricity Tutorial Websites - www.techlearner.com/AzTopTutorials

    - Audio Engineering - www.ee.washington.edu/conselec/CE/kuhn/audio/95x3.htm

    University of Washington's Electrical Engineering Dept. (Seattle, WA) - A Tutorial

    on the basics of sound and music from a physical and biological beginning to

    an Engineering approach to the way sounds can be studied.

    - AutoCAD Tutorial - www.cadtutor.net/acad/index.html

    AutoCAD Tutorial showing all aspects of drawing with the AutoCAD software.

    Examples are very good and illustrative, very detailed and well organized.

    - Beginner's Electronics - www.iguanalabs.com/Begtut.htm

    Iguana Labs Inc. Tutorials - Basic Electronics concepts, Components: Resistors, Diodes,

    LEDs, Switches and Capacitors, Ohm's Law, Using LEDs and Transistors, Pulses, Clock

    and Oscillators.

    - Bluetooth Tutorial - www.palowireless.com/infotooth/tutorial.asp

    Bluetooth Specifications and basics. Protocol Stack is examined.

    - Capacitors Tutorial - www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/gadgets/caps/caps.html

    A very comprehensive description and discussion on capacitors: Types of capacitors,

    different sizes, voltage ratings, units, basic physics behind them.

    - D.C. Circuits Basics - www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/ohm/

    University of Guelph's Physics Department (Ontario, CA) - Includes Schematic

    Diagrams, Ohm's Law, Resistor Circuits, More complicated Circuits, Superposition

    Theorem, Kirchoff's Current and Voltage Laws, Examples and Self Test.

    - DC-DC Converter Tutorial - www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/710

    Outline of different types of Switching Regulators used in DC-DC conversion.

    - DSP (Digital Signal Processing) - www.bores.com/courses/intro/

    Introduction to Digital Processing (DSP) - Includes Basics of DSP, Time Domain,

    Frequency Analysis, Filtering and DSP Processors.

    - Digital Systems Tutorials Part I - www.eelab.usyd.edu.au/digital_tutorial/toc.html

    University of Sidney's School of Electrical and Information Engineering- Includes

    Intro to Digital concepts, Number Systems and Codes, Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra.

    - Digital Systems Tutorials Part II - www.eelab.usyd.edu.au/digital_tutorial/part2/hpage.html

    University of Sidney- Includes: Flip-Flops, Counters and Registers.

    - Digital Systems Tutorials Part III- www.eelab.usyd.edu.au/digital_tutorial/part3

    University of Sidney- Topics: Sequential Circuits, Flip Flops, Counters (more advanced than II).

    - Filters Tutorial - www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/733/ln/en

    A Tutorial covering all different aspects of Analog Filters.

    - Laser Tutorial - http://members.aol.com/WSRNET/tut/ut1.htm

    A Tutorial on lasers including the Physics behind them by Web Science Resources.

    - LCD Technology Tutorial - www.ee.washington.edu/circuit_archive/text/LCD.html

    A good introduction tutorial on LCD Technology.

    - Math Basics Tutorials - www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/tutorials.html

    University of Guelph's Physics Dept. (Ontario, CA) - Includes the following basic Math

    subjects: Algebra, Trigonometry, Simple Functions, Oscillating Functions, Logarithms and

    Graphs, Vectors, Unit Conversions.

    - Matlab Tutorial - http://web.mit.edu/olh/Matlab/TOC.html

    Tutorial on Matlab by Athena Consulting Services Online. Very clear and complete.

    - Matlab Tutorial Basics - http://amath.colorado.edu/scico/tutorials/matlab/

    Another Tutorial on Matlab by the University of Colorado at Boulder: Basics, Image

    Processing, Linear Algebra and Programming.

    - Microcontroller Tutorials: 8052 and compatible - www.8052.com

    Tutorials on the 8052 Microcontroller, also 8051 and the DS80C320.

    - Op Amp Tutorial - www.meridianelectronics.ca/gadgets/741/741.html

    A Tutorial on the Operational Amplifier with emphasis on the 741 IC Op Amp.

    Applications such as Instrumentation Amplifier, Detector, Comparator circuits included.

    - Oscilloscopes Tutorials - www.tek.com/Measurement/App_Notes/XYZs

    Tektronix's Guide to using the Oscilloscope.

    - PCs : Parallel Ports - www.ctv.es/pckits/tutorial.html#parallel

    Tutorial on Parallel Ports settings and usage.

    - PCs : Serial Ports - www.ctv.es/pckits/tpserie.html

    Tutorial on Serial Ports settings and usage.

    - PCs : Joystick Ports - www.ctv.es/pckits/tpjoystick.html

    Tutorial on Joystick Ports settings and usage.

    - PCB Design Process - www.aracnet.com/~gpatrick/intr_toc.html

    Tutorial on PC Board Design including all relevant steps and basic useful information.

    - PCB Design and Production - http://airborn.com.au/method

    Design of a circuit board including all aspects from Product specification to building

    prototypes, testing and product release.

    - Physics Basics Tutorials - www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/tutorials.html

    University of Guelph's Physics Department (Ontario, CA) - Includes the following basic

    Physics subjects: Torque and Rotational Motion, Free-Body Diagrams, Simple Harmonic

    Motion, Dimensional Analysis and Significant Digits.

    - PLCs Tutorial - www.plcs.net/contents.shtml

    The basics of PLCs by PLCS.net: History, operation and applications.

    - Programming Tutorials - www.programmingtutorials.com

    Tutorials for Assembly, C/C++, Java, Perl, SQL and more.

    - Radio: Amateur Radio Tutorial - http://my.integritynet.com.au/purdic/electronic-basics.htm

    Tutorial on the basic electronics knowledge required for radio amateurs.

    - Semiconductor Device Principles - http://ece-www.colorado.edu/~bart/book/book

    University of Colorado- B. Van Zeghbroeck. All or mostly all about Semiconductor

    Device Principles including some high-level material. Mosfets, MESFETS, Bipolar

    Transistors, Diodes, LED's.

    - Smith Chart Tutorial - www.sss-mag.com/smith.html

    Tutorial on the Smith Chart- used for Transmission Line problems. Includes a

    downloadable Chart in pdf format.

    - Solid State Physics - http://www.ite.mh.se/~hasse/solid.html

    An advanced tutorial on some aspects of solid state physics, including Crystal structures,

    Bandgap in semiconductors, lattice vibrations, and electron transport.

    - Stepping Motor's Basics - www.cs.uiowa.edu/~jones/step

    A Tutorial on Stepping Motors by a Faculty at the University of Iowa's Computer

    Science Dept.

    - Television's Basics (Analog TV) - www.ee.washington.edu/conselec/CE/kuhn/ntsc/95x4.htm

    University of Washington's Electrical Engineering Dept. (Seattle, WA) - An Introduction

    to Analog Television including visual principles and Color TV.

    - The 555 Timer - www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/gadgets/555/555.html

    A Tutorial on the 555 Timer/Oscillator IC. Circuit operation, possible applications and

    testing the 555 Timer IC. Done by same person who sponsors a Circuits for Hobbysts Page.

    - Transformer Tutorial - www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/AC/AC_9.html

    A Tutorial on Transformers covering all different aspects and also including SPICE

    Simulation samples that detail the circuit's operation.

    - Transistors - www.williamson-labs.com/480_xtor.htm

    A set of Tutorials on all different transistor basics: Different configurations, biasing, feedback

    Output and input impedances, coupling and Miller effect.

    - Transmission Lines Principles - www.tpub.com/neets/book10/41.htm

    Fundamentals of Transmission Line Theory: Transmission line model, Characteristic

    Impedance, Wave Propagation along a Transmission Line, Standing Waves.

    - Web Development Tutorials - www.w3schools.com

    All kinds of Web Development topics are covered.

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