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Benjamin F. Kuo -Founder, Editor, and Publisher

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    Benjamin F. Kuo - Founder, Editor, and Publisher

    Benjamin F. Kuo is the founder of SOCALTECH LLC, the publisher of socalTECH.com, a widely read newsletter and web site focused on Southern California's high tech industry. socalTECH.com tracks venture capital funding, high tech news, events, and runs frequent interviews with local entrepreneurs. The site also features a subscription venture database with lists of local high tech companies, venture capital firms, executive bios, and more. Kuo has served on the selection committee of the Los Angeles Venture Association's Annual Venture Capital awards, served as a judge on the Software Council of Southern California's Software Industry Awards, and is active in promoting Southern California's technology industry.

    Kuo has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, and has worked in a variety of management and development positions at high tech firms in both Southern and Northern California.

    Outside of his efforts with socalTECH, Kuo has served in a number of technical and marketing positions in the high tech industry. Most recently, he was a Product Manager at QLogic, Inc. in Westlake Village, and has served in a wide variety of roles at Troika Networks, Inc., a venture-backed startup which was successfully acquired by QLogic in 2005. At Troika, Kuo served as a Senior Product Marketing Manager, Software Development Manager, Standards Representative to T11 and other industry groups, and was instrumental in the company's storage area networking product development. Prior to QLogic and Troika, he worked at IBM San Jose, Micropolis Corp, Echelon Corp. in Palo Alto, and Paracel Inc. in Pasadena.

    Kuo has been a regular contributor to Storage Magazine and is an author of the book Building SANs with Brocade Fibre Channel Switches, published in 2002. He has also contributed articles to the C/C++ Journal, Multimedia System Design, SysAdmin Magazine, and The Fruit Gardener. Kuo has been active in storage industry standardization organizations, and was co-chair of the Storage Networking Industry Association's highly successful HBA API efforts, and was responsible for drafting the specification and helping to drive industry adoption of the standard. He has also served as an officer of the NCITS T11.5 Fabric Applications Interface Standard (FAIS) efforts and has been active in other T11 and SNIA standards efforts.
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    Kuo, Benjamin C. / Golnaraghi, Farid
    Automatic Control Systems

    8. Auflage - November 2002
    129,- Euro / 204,- SFR
    2002. 624 Seiten, Hardcover
    ISBN-10: 0-471-13476-7
    ISBN-13: 978-0-471-13476-3 - John Wiley & Sons

    Preis inkl. Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. Versandkosten.

    This best-selling introduction to automatic control systems has been updated to reflect the increasing use of computer-aided learning and design, and revised to feature a more accessible approach without sacrificing depth.

    Aus dem Inhalt

    Chapter 1. Introduction.

    Chapter 2. Mathematical Foundation.

    Chapter 3. Block Diagrams and Signal-Flow Graphs.

    Chapter 4. Modeling of Physical Systems.

    Chapter 5. State Variable Analysis.

    Chapter 6. Stability of Linear Control Systems.

    Chapter 7. Time-Domain Analysis of Control Systems.

    Chapter 8. Root-Locus Technique.

    Chapter 9. Frequency-Domain Analysis.

    Chapter 10. Design of Control Systems.

    Chapter 11. The Virtual Lab.


    Appendix A. Complex Variable Theory.

    Appendix B. Differential and Difference Equations.

    Appendix C. Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra..

    Appendix D. Laplace Transform Table.

    Appendix E. Operational Amplifiers.

    Appendix F. Properties and Construction of the Root Loci.

    Appendix G. Frequency-Domain Plots.

    Appendix H. General Nyquist Criterion.

    Appendix I. Discrete-Data Control Systems.

    Appendix J. z-Transform Table.

    Appendix K. ACSYS 2002: Description of the Software.

    Answers to Selected Problems.
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