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    Choose the word or phrase that the most closely means the same as the underlined words or best completes the sentence.
    5.Cougars sometimes prey on sheep and goats ,so they may be killed by the farmers ........animals they attack.
    a.who b.which
    c.whom d.whose
    6.Which is the correct order?
    a.an old wooden square table b.a square wooden old table
    c.an old square wooden table d.a wooden old square table
    7.You've never had a girlfriend before,......you?
    a.haven't you b.had
    c.have d.hadn't
    8.Don't like tea .Can i have ........?
    a.other thing b.something other
    c.anything other d.something else
    9.Have to read a book ........
    a.every three week b.week ago
    c.every three weeks d.at next week
    10.I'm very tired -I.......all morning .
    a.work b.have worked
    c.am working d.have been working
    11.He got..........bronchitis and was taken to ......hospital.
    a.a/a b.the/-
    c.-/- d.the/a
    12..........,please.I'll see if the manager is in.
    a.Hang up b.Hold on
    c.Ring off d.Ring on
    13.He thanked me for what I........the prerious week.
    a.have done b.had done
    c.did d.was doing
    14.I'd like to know what you doing for .......
    a.a job b.word
    c.a profession d.a living
    15.I was embarrassed to see you ........my wife .
    a.kiss b.to kiss
    c.were kissing d.kissed
    16.”Don't touch that flower !"-->The old lady ......
    a.told me to touch that flower b.warned me not to touch that flower
    c.didn't tell me to touch that flower d.told me not touch that flower
    17.where is the book .......I got for my birthday?
    a.what b.-
    c.that d.B&C are possible
    18.I was witing for you but you......
    a.never came b.have never came
    c.never com d.had never come
    19.......accessible =difficult or impossible to reach or to get .
    a. dis b. in c. im d. un
    20.Please submit your application before two o'clock.
    a. hand off b. hand down c. hand out d. hand in
    21.Which word doesn't ryhme?
    a.through b.sew c.drew d.do
    22.Jean ......his new job last week ,he's working in the new call central downtown.
    a.used to started b.would start
    c.started d.had started
    23.Which is the best response to use in everyday conversation?
    “First I found living in the city very stressful,but now I guess......”
    a.I'm used to it b.i'm familiar with it
    c.I'm accustomed to it d.I used it
    24.It....her being a teacher .I can not imagine her doing anything else.
    a.fits b.matches c.argree d.suits
    25.you can only have money back if you can produce a.......
    a.bill b.receipt c.invoice d.ticket
    26.Which of these is NOT a way to make a suggestion?
    a.Try the red one and be done with it .This is an order .
    b.Why don't we try the red one?
    c.How about trying the red one?
    d.Let's try the red one>
    27.Which of the following is the strongest advice?
    a.you should get a hair cut b.If I were you ,I'll get the hair cut.
    c.You ought to get a hair cut d.You really must get the hair cut
    28.It doesn't snow in one of these sentences .Which one?
    a.He would go to the Apls if it snowed b.He wil go to the Apls if it snows
    c.He would have gone to the Apls if it had snowed
    d.He wouldn't have gone to the Apls if it hadn't snowed.
    29.I must get a sandwich .I'm .....starving.
    a.very b.absolutely c. quite d.rather
    30.When I a boy we were made ........correct school uniform at all times.
    A.wear b.to wear c.wearing d.wore
    31.which of the following is the odd one out ?
    a.sit down b.take the weight off your feet
    c.stand up d.put your feet up
    32.Ouch!He's fallen.........his motorbike and broken his shoulder
    a.off b.out of c.away d.down
    33.Whenever they go on holiday John like to drives,............susan prefer to fly,she say it's quicker.
    A.although b.in spite of c.despite d.whereas
    34.If you have a problem , she is away ready to listen .She is .....................
    a.Sympathetic b.sensitive c.sensible d.generous
    35.While The East prospered in the early nineteenth century , much of the western part of the United States .........by the trail blazers.
    a.has been opened up b.was opening up
    c.was being opening up d.have been opening up
    36.I tried to call you but your line was........
    a.occupied b.taken c.connected d.engaged
    37.Sorry ,I can't repay you this week.I'm completely ...............
    a.broken b.dead c.destroyed d.broke
    38.They.........to the Tatra mountains, but this summer they ......to the west of England.
    a.usually travel/travel b.are usually travelg/travel
    c.usually trave/are traveling d.are usually traveling/are traveling
    39.Joanna .........with some friends until she ........her own flat.
    a.is living/finds b.lives/is finding
    c.has lived/finds d.lives/finds
    40.”Have you decided what to do about your broken washing machine?”.”Yes ....tomorrow”.
    a.I'll have it fixed b.i'm going to have it fixed
    c.I have it fixed d.I might have it fixed
    41.”How many books did you buy?”.”I didn't know.......them”.
    a.I'll count b.i'm going to count
    c.i count d.i'm counting
    42.In Canada ,employers............discriminate against women or minorities .It's against the law.
    a.don't have to b.mustn't
    c.should d.have to
    43.I........some new shorts.but i don't think i like them. Maybe i'll take them back to the store.
    a.bought b.have bought c.buy d.am buying
    44.It't take years of reseach ,but .......they found the answer.
    a.at the end b.in the end c.last d.lastly
    45.The visitors .......all the different ways of making brandy.
    a.had shown b.has shown
    c.were shown d.have been showing
    46.you are not half ........you think you are .
    a.as clever as b.as clever like c.the clever like d.as clever than
    47.”Do you think he will send you a card?”.”If he .........on holiday,he will”
    a.go b.went c.will go d.goes
    48.Don't blame me .I.............him only if he hadn't been driving so fast .
    a.will have followed b.haad followed
    c.would have been able to follow d.could follow
    49.If ........you read the book, return it to the library,please.
    a.finish b.will finish c.had finished d. will have finished
    50.Someone illegally entered the warehouse at night.
    a.broke away b.saw through c.saw in d.broke into

    51.For each sentence , find the word in bold which has a different sound from the other three.
    a. if you want a dog to follow you, you have to say “hell”
    b. There's a really big hill at the end of the village
    c. I cut my self last week , but it will take a long time to heal
    d.He'll be here in ten minutes.
    52.Which of the following jobs has the stress on the first syllable.
    a. biologist b. secretery c. photographer d. psychiatrist
    53. Which word sounds different ?
    a. mother b.brother c.bother d.another
    54.Which of the following adjective-noun collocations is NOT possible ?
    a.A heavy smoker b.Heavy metal
    c.A heavy problem d.Heavy rain
    55. John always insisted................paying the bill.
    a.in b.on c.to d.with
    56.Which of these is NOT away to ask permission ?
    a. Would you mind if I open the window ?
    b. Is it OK if I open the window ?
    c. How about opening the window ?
    d. Can I open the window ?

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