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Job Opportunity - Supply Chain Simulation Analyst

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    About CEL Consulting
    In Vietnam and Hong Kong since 2005, CEL Consulting has become the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] and leading Consulting firm in South East Asia specialized in Operations and Supply Chain. Our team of industrial consultants works on 02 kinds of solutions for our clients: INVESTMENT SUPPORT (design and implementation of new operations: factories, distribution, IT systems) and IMPROVEMENT (profitability, capacity and service level optimization). Our capabilities have been developed through years of experience in various sectors implementing solutions in:
    · Logistics (CELog)
    · Supply Chain Management (SCEL)
    · Manufacturing (CELean)
    · Operational Due Diligence (ODD)
    CEL is also the 1st APICS Authorized Training Center in Vietnam, bringing the internationally recognized qualification in Supply Chain Management now accessible for professionals in Vietnam.

    Business category: Consulting, Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Sourcing, Training

    CEL Consulting Vietnam
    R202, 2/F BDT Building
    49 Bui Dinh Tuy, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    (84-8) 2249 4241

    Together we grow
    CEL Consulting aims to be the most advanced, attractive and dynamic consulting firm in the region, and a company based on trust, achievement and success.
    Vsevolod Nozhnov- Supply Chain Consultant
    " I am pleased to say that CEL saw that I was enthusiastic and passionate about Supply Chain optimization and offered me an invaluable opportunity to learn and develop professional skills in a new and challenging environment. As a relative “novice” within the company, I am still figuring out my way. The most important thing for me is that CEL offers ongoing opportunities to try out different business areas and industries, which open up possibilities for formulating a career path "

    Samuel Feng – Production Consultant
    " CEL has created a perfect environment for people who looking for self-challenges. You can improve yourself by just doing new things every day in this company. It’s a great pleasure working with such nice, smart and professional colleagues. "

    Ho Cong Thanh – Marketing Executive
    “ Working in CEL was definitely one of the most memorable times I ever had. It was truly amazing to use my studies, in a real world-class business. With the warm-hearted help from colleagues, the company became a great working place for me to genuinely experimenton my marketing creativity. Self-reliance, professional attitude and smart-working methodologies were valuable experiences that I gained ”

    Nguyen Thi Huong Ly – Graphic Designer Internship
    “ I really appreciate the four-month internship at CEL as graphic designer. CEL Consulting Internship was extremely valuable experience for me. I have learned how to apply my skills and explore new things. I especially love the friendly working environment here people are very nice and supportive ”

    We are looking for
    Supply Chain Simulation Analyst

    The Supply Chain Simulation Analyst is a key person in the performance of a CEL project. He is in charge of creating a relevant and insightful model of a complexe operational situation from our client (opening a new plant, distribution center, optimizing production and logistic cost, inventory reduction need...) and extrapolate the model in a probable future to foresee what can happen.

    In CEL, simulation is used to answer question for
    . Manufacturing processes (e.g. how to balance capacities and what could be the production volume and cost expected)
    . Logistic System (e.g. where and when to open a new distribution center? what happens if I open 5 new store in coming month? Should I use this port or the other one, what can be the effect on our inventory? What is the ideal routing for my truck fleet to be fully utilized?)
    . Supply Chain (e.g. How to improve my customer service level with minimum inventory? What unit cost can be expected from subcontracting part of my products? What is re-order quantity and frequency should I use to avoid shortage of components? If I put my factory in the province A, would I have a better competitive advantage than if in province B?)


    . Creating models from specification of senior consultant
    . Document the model with assumptions and references
    . Collect and process data in order to feed the model
    . Generate scenarios and simulate outputs
    . Review with senior consultant and client assumptions and discuss output and findings
    . Create summary and report through powerpoint presentation and animation


    . Extensive Excel skills
    . Passion for mathematics,
    . Strong attachement to reality (not 100% geek)
    . Willing to learn about supply chain in multiple sectors of industry
    . Enjoy complex problem and their resolution
    . tenacious, dont give up
    . Very good at details
    . Will be using ARENA (or equivalent) and ANYLOGIC


    • Studied Industrial Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or Computing
    • Proficient in English

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