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Vẽ mạch điện tử bằng ORCAD 16.0 mới nhất

Thảo luận trong 'Phầm mềm Cơ Khí' bắt đầu bởi phoenix, 16 Tháng mười một 2009.

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    chắc hẳn ai học điện - điện tử thì đều biết đến công dụng tuyệt vời mà orcad mang lại là mô phỏng mạch điện tử 1 cách rất chi tiết rõ ràng dưới đây là giới thiệu về soft và link dowload từ megaupload, rapidshare và link torent



    To successfully meet project goals, PCB designers and electrical engineers need powerful, intuitive, and integrated technologies that work seamlessly across the entire PCB design flow. Cadence® OrCAD® solutions offer fully integrated front-end design, analog/signal integrity simulation, and place-and-route technologies that boost productivity and shorten time to market.

    What’s New in Cadence OrCAD 16.0 Products

    A flexible and scalable solution that adapts to your needs

    To stay competitive in today's market, engineers must take a design from engineering through manufacturing with shorter design cycles and faster time to market. To be successful, you need a set of powerful, intuitive, and integrated tools that work seamlessly from start to finish.

    Cadence® OrCAD® personal productivity tools (including Cadence PSpice®) have a long history of addressing these demands. Designed to boost productivity for smaller design teams and individual PCB designers, OrCAD PCB design suites grow with your needs and technology challenges. The powerful, tightly integrated PCB design suites include design capture, librarian tools, a PCB editor, an auto/interactive router, and optional analog and mixed-signal simulator. The affordable, high-performance OrCAD product line is easily scalable with the full complement of Cadence Allegro® PCB design technologies.

    All OrCAD 16.0 products are now supported in Windows Vista™ Enterprise.

    New Cadence OrCAD and PSpice Bundle!
    Cadence OrCAD EE Designer Plus

    OrCAD EE Designer Plus provides powerful schematic entry and simulation in one premium package. This competitively priced, complete front-end design solution includes:

    * Cadence OrCAD Capture schematic entry, the world's leading schematic capture tool
    * PSpice A/D for analog and mixed-signal simulation
    * Cadence PSpice Advanced Analysis capabilities—sensitivity analysis, optimization, Smoke (stress analysis), and Monte Carlo (yield analysis)—to automatically maximize the performance of circuits.

    Cadence OrCAD Capture

    * Improved support for complex hierarchical designs, including better support for occurrence properties and externally referenced designs.
    * Support for placing and moving text and drawing objects on fine grid independent of connectivity objects
    * Enhancements to archiving adds an option to include PSpice models in the archive libraries which improves the performance of archived simulation profiles
    * Improved error messages and DRC engine
    * Cadence Help Online Documentation System replaces CDSDoc, providing faster invocation time, advanced search capabilities, and built-in viewing window
    * Usability enhancements and implementation of over 100 CCRs for improved quality and performance.

    Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS Option
    * Support for including mechanical parts and assemblies in standard component information system (CIS) Bill of Materials (BOM)
    * Faster and easier access to help topics using the new Cadence Help application
    o Add, index, and enable search on your own custom documents
    o View multimedia files in the help system using your local browser

    Cadence PSpice A/D
    * Improved speed for power electronics designs, especially those using ABM if-then expressions, which will simulate up to 50x faster
    * CheckPoint Restart feature allows you to save the state of a transient simulation at specific times as CheckPoints. Prior to restarting, you can change component values, so if you’re not getting the results you want, you can tune your circuit without having to restart from the beginning. This is particularly useful for circuits that have a long startup time like a switch mode power supply. You can simulate once to reach steady state, tune the circuit to get the final result you want, and then simulate from the beginning to verify the full simulation. In this situation, CheckPoint Restart can be a significant time saver

    * Autoconvergence feature allows PSpice to automatically modify convergence options as necessary. This reduces the need for user interaction for problem circuits
    * Improved transient convergence. Adaptive iteration, improvements in the step time algorithm, and an improved switch model allow PSpice to converge on certain types of problem circuits
    * Run in resume mode accessible from graphical user interface (GUI)
    * Minimum step size recalculation
    * Usability enhancements
    o Tasks such as adding a trace, adding a plot, zooming the view, or adding a text label are now available using the right mouse button to display a context-sensitive menu in the Probe window
    o Probe window cursors now display X and Y coordinates on the status bar of the Probe window
    * Improved simulation speed for E and G device-based circuits
    * PSpice libraries have 120 new power devices. Updated vendor libraries include 290 new LED models
    * Cadence Help Online Documentation System replaces CDSDoc, providing faster invocation time, advanced search capabilities, and built-in viewing window

    Cadence PSpice AA
    * PSpice Advanced Analysis support for legacy PSpice models. Traditional tolerance specifications can now be used by the Monte Carlo and Sensitivity tools. This includes the use of PDF custom distributions and device and lot tolerances

    Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer (including OrCAD PCB Editor)
    * Cadence OrCAD Layout translator user interface opens from within OrCAD PCB Editor
    * Cadence Help Online Documentation System replaces CDSDoc, providing faster invocation time, advanced search capabilities, and built-in viewing window
    * Usability enhancements made within the display canvas and to the command structure
    * Redesigned color / visibility GUI
    * Enhancements made to the underlying graphics system, based on OpenGL graphics engine
    * Physical and spacing constraints incorporated in the Allegro constraint management system
    * Interactive and automatic controls for component fanout (pin escaping)
    * Context-sensitive editing paradigm built on selecting database objects first, followed by action command

    Cadence OrCAD Layout
    * Cadence Help Online Documentation System replaces CDSDoc, providing faster invocation time, advanced search capabilities, and built-in viewing window
    * Support for GerbTool Version 15.0
    * Implementation of numerous CCRs for improved quality and performance




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    Chắc là máy bạn hoặc bạn bị gì rồi . Link download tốt không sao cả . Chúc lần download tiếp theo thành công
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    OrCad 16 FULL + Tutorial de Activacion


    Para todos aquellos estudiantes que necesitan un software de simulacion electronica, OrCad 16 de Cadense es su solucion.

    Programa para la simulación de circuitos electrónicos, automatice y diseñe circuitos con relativa facilida, con este software puedes fijar temperatura, periodos tiene una facil interface

    Diseñadores de todo el mundo se basan en el gran alcance con todo intuitivo Cadencia OrCAD ® herramientas de productividad personal. OrCAD tiene una larga historia de proporcionar a las personas y equipos con un conjunto completo de tecnologías que ofrecen una productividad sin precedentes, herramienta de integración sin fisuras, y el valor excepcional OrCAD 16 liberación continúa con esa tradición. El OrCAD incluye ahora OrCAD PCB Editor, sobre la base de cadencia Allegro ®.

    El OrCAD 16 le permitirá experimentar todas las características y funcionalidad del software de real . Por lo tanto, seguir adelante, descubrir lo fácil que es utilizar estos estado de la técnica OrCAD tecnologías.

    El 16 OrCAD software incluye versiones de demostración de las siguientes herramientas: OrCAD Capture, OrCAD Opción Captura CEI, PSpice ® A / D, PSpice AA, OrCAD PCB Editor y SPECCTRA ® para OrCAD.

    OrCad 16 Full trae :

    OrCad Capture
    OrCad Layout
    OrCad PBC editor
    OrCad Pspice
    OrCad schematics
    OrCad Sigxplorer
    Specctra for OrCad, entre otros.

    Mínima configuración de hardware:
    Los sistemas operativos soportados son Windows XP, Windows Vista, y Windows Server 2003
    Pentium ® 4 (32-bit) equivalente o más rápido
    Mínimo 512 MB de memoria (1G o más recomendado para XP y Vista)
    300MB espacio de intercambio (o más)
    65000 pantalla de color de Windows con un mínimo de 1024×768 (1280×1024) recomendado

    Descarga :

    Orcad 16 Full (con su activacion y tutorial incluid0)


    Activacion + Tutorial de activacion( por si la necesitan por separado)


    CONTRASEÑA para todo: By_arkanosant

    TNKs por comentar y agadecer...

    Activación FULL de OrCad Cadence V16

    Aqui les dejo este tutorial para que lo puedan activar y puedan así aprovechar este gran Software.

    Después de haber descargado OrCad V16, no importa si lo hayan bajado por torrent o descarga directa, y sea iso quemado en un DVD , o una carpeta dentro de un .rar , y tengan el archivo setup para instalar la aplicación, es necesario la realización correcta de los pasos a continuación para poder activar y utilizar el Software.

    1. Adentro del DVD o la carpeta de OrCad v16 se encuentra el archivo setup.exe, ejecútalo y te saldrá la siguiente menú:


    Instala el license manager primero, escogiendo Set Up Licensing en el menú. No escribas ninguna ruta para el license file, déjalo en blanco.


    Y dale next, instala y deja que termine, al final te pregunta si deseas instalar los productos, le dices que NO.
    2. Copia de la carpeta license_manager de la carpeta SHooTERS en el directorio de instalación, C:\OrCAD?license_manager. Sobrescribe los archivos necesarios.

    3. Abre orcad16.lic, el que está en el disco duro no en el cd, se encuentra en , C:\OrCAD\license_manager con un editor de texto, como con el Bloc de notas y remplaza "this host" con el nombre de tu pc, "this host" está en la primera línea del archivo, luego guarda los cambios.



    Por ejemplo, this_host lo cambiamos por en nombre de “carlitos”, el cual es el nombre de nuestra PC, el cual podemos encontrar en Propiedades del sistema.


    Y después de guardar los cambios nos queda de la siguiente forma:


    4. Ejecuta el setup de nuevo y selecciona, Set Up License e ingresa la ruta del archivo de la licencia C:\OrCAD\license_manager\orcad16.lic .Dale siguiente e ignora el mensaje de error dándole aceptar y cancela la instalación.


    5.Ahora corre el setup de nuevo y escoge Install products, ingresa el puerto 5280 y en host pon el nombre de tu pc( el mismo del archivo orcad16.lic ), deja las rutas de installinfo y contr... en blanco.



    Luego selecciona todas las aplicaciones, o las que tú desees:


    Y dale next, next, y next a todo lo que te salga y deja que se instale …

    5. Luego que se complete la instalación, ve a Inicio->Programas->Cadence License Manager->License Manager Tools , donde se abrirá la siguiente ventana:


    Ahora ve a la pestaña Config Services y cambia la ruta del license file a C:OrCAD\license_manager\orcad16.lic , que por default es C:OrCAD\license_manager\orcad16.dat, dale Save Service y guarda los cambios.


    6. Ve a la pestaña de Star/Stop/Reread y dale click al botón Start Sever . en la parte de abajo nos indica Server Start Successful.


    Luego haz click en Reread License File. Espera que complete esto.(puedes ver la barra de estado en la parte inferior de la ventana), y nos indica Rereader Server License File Completed.


    7. Ve a inicio y en Equipo o Mi PC, y da click derecho y escoge administrar. Ahí eliges Servicios y aplicaciones, click en servicios y busca el Servicio Cadense License Manager y revisen que el servicio este iniciado.


    Si no aparece como iniciado repintan el paso # 6.

    8. Ejecuta el orcad_16.0_patcher.exe y escogen backup files y le dan Update.


    Al final del Update, nos aparecerá un archivo donde nos muestra los archivos actualizados.


    Cierran el archivo y orcad_16.0_patcher.exe.

    9. Hecho, tenemos OrCad v16 Full y podemos realizar nuestras tareas.
    Aquí les dejo una captura funcionando, noten que está instalado en Windows 7100, así que es también compatible.

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    mình hoc bên dhcn năm 3 nhưng con mù mờ về orcad lắm . mong dc sự giúp đỡ của các bạn bên spkt . cảm ơn nhìu về bài viết nhưng nếu có tiếng việt thì dễ hiểu hơn thank nhìu

    mình down hok dc bạn ơi . nếu bạn down dc thì up lên mediafire nha thank
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    Bên trên không cần pass . download về giải nén bình thường
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    Các bạn nên down bằng link của mega.1280 đó, nhanh như điện.
    Sẵn quảng cáo cái lun:

    Nếu lười download bạn cũng có thể đặt mua CD SHOP SPKT với giá 9.000đ (1DVD) hoặc 12.000đ (2CD) (giao tận nơi trong trường)
    Đt: 0972.35.15.35 (Có thể SMS)
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